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New Student Information, Policies and More



Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning offers payment plans.It is our policy that costs for services be paid at the time of invoice submission. Late fees may apply for late payment. If you wish, you may pay in full at any time. Payment can be made using cash, check, money order or credit cards.


  • As of January 1st 2020, we will only be accepting payments through the BrightWheel website/app via automatic withdrawal from the payment source of your choice. The site offers the option of credit card, debit card, or  Bank Account Transfers (ACH). 

    • At the end of the first week of class, you will receive an invoice via email. Once you click to pay that invoice, you will be taken to the BrightWheel site and instructed to enter your method of payment. This payment method will be automatically charted your weekly program fees. 

    • If for some reason a payment is unable to be processed, either due to insufficient funds or a closed account, you will receive an email notification alerting you to the issue. The balance will then roll over to the next week’s invoice and when that invoice comes due, the draft will attempt to charge the entire remaining balance, which at this time being two weeks of fees at once if it has not already been settled.


Hours of Operation

The hours for the program are Monday-Thursday 9am to 12pm. You can bring your child no earlier than 8:00am. Per DSS regulations, because we are not a licensed daycare, your child can be here no more than 4 hours each day.​​​

  • We ask that you arrive to pick up your child NO LATER than 1:00pm daily. 

  • 1:00pm concludes the school day, and all of the teaching staff leave at that time. If your child is still in the building after 1:00pm, the procedure for late pick ups is as follows…

1). We will attempt to contact you at the numbers listed on this form.

2). If we are unable to reach you we will contact the additional parent/guardian at the numbers listed on this form.

3). If we are unable to reach them, we will contact the first emergency contact listed on this form.

4). If we are unable to reach the first emergency contact, we will attempt to reach the second emergency contact listed on this form.

5). If by the time we have exhausted all of the contacts listed on this form for you, as well as all of the additional contacts listed and have not heard back from either you or any of them, we WILL CALL THE POLICE.



Please understand that your child’s photograph/video may be taken during his/her participation at Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning and I give my authorization for Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning to display said photos in the classroom and on the Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning website. Also understand that I can request that your child’s photo not be displayed by emailing requests to “opt out” at  ( or written letter mailed to (2685 Celanese Rd Suite 123, Rock Hill, SC 29732).



Arrivals and Departures


Children participating in Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning special programs should arrive no later than 9:00 am in order to fully participate in the morning’s activities. Half day curriculum hours are 9am to 12:00 pm (children may arrive earlier). Please pick up morning half day children by 1:00 pm. Children participating in individual therapy sessions are to arrive at their scheduled time. Parents, you must always accompany your child into and out of the building, and check your child in and out each day (before exiting the building). Please list names of the individuals who are authorized to pick your child up on the Registration Form. If it is necessary for someone other than those listed on the form to pick your child up, please call or leave a written message at the front desk. Please notify us of any changes in address, phone numbers, or emergency contacts.

Check-in/Check-out Procedures


Beginning the week after the holiday break, you will ring the bell letting the staff know you have arrived to drop off or pick up your child as you always have. Then you will check your child in or out on the ipad located at the drop off door where you’ve just rang the bell. 

  • Checking your child in or out consists of entering their unique check-in code on the ipad to check them in/out each day. This code is assigned to you once you create a parent account on BrightWheel. You can easily change the auto-generated code if you would like from the parent profile tab of your user.


We are still requiring you to pack a lunch for your child each day, as well as a change of clothes with underwear (if your child uses them) and extra diapers/wipes/pull-ups.

  • We do provide a daily snack, so if your child has any specific dietary needs, please inform our staff.




We utilize positive reinforcement and redirection as our primary means of discipline. Our goal is to refrain from the punitive as much as possible. “Thinking Time” is used for severe or repeated misbehavior (hitting, biting). Repeated misbehavior that results in frequent disruption will warrant a parent / child / teacher or therapist / administrator meeting. A behavior plan will be devised and implemented at this meeting. It is important for us all to work together for the well-being of the child. Continuous misbehavior and / or disruption may result in dismissal of the child from Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning. We do not permit toy guns, war toys, or other toys of destruction.





If your child would like to celebrate their birthday at our facility, please notify the child’s teacher in advance. Cake and ice cream are difficult to serve; we suggest cupcakes or other foods easy to serve. Remember, refreshments made by your child would add a special meaning to his/her party.



Parent and Family Involement


We are a family oriented company and encourage parent participation, suggestions and support. It is our desire that parents feel secure and comfortable with leaving their precious children at Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning. Parental help is appreciated during special occasions, field trips, or in the classroom, especially during special projects. Parents are also encouraged to sign up for the “Parent to Teacher” Organization to assist with “teaching” in their child’s classroom.





Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning  has an open door policy and encourages parents (and other relatives or guardians) to visit the facility during the day. Please check with administration. We invite parents to share any problems, concerns or suggestions with the staff. Conferences can be scheduled with the directors and/or the child’s teacher at the request of either the parents or the teacher. Developmental progress reports will be conducted for each child.


Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment for a conference if they have any questions regarding their child’s progress. A weekly calendar is posted in each classroom showing the upcoming week’s activities. A copy will be sent home with your child. In addition, individual weekly home notes shall be provided. Please look for daily and weekly updates on the classroom white and bulletin boards.



Emergency Information


Each child must have on file a current Registration Form with home, work, and emergency contact telephone numbers and addresses. The emergency contacts are persons in the area who are authorized, by the parents, to care for the child in case of illness or emergency. Please be sure the person whose names you give are aware that they have been listed for this purpose. Please notify the directors of changes in address or work numbers so the Registration form can be updated.





Another important component of Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning is our excellent and highly trained staff. Members of our staff are CPR and First Aid certified. We take great care in selecting our staff, and provide them with ongoing training and opportunity to grow.



Inclement Weather


The following procedures are in place for inclement weather. We have adopted them to ensure our staff and families will stay safe in the event of a major winter storm or emergency. In the event of questionable weather and/or road conditions, PLEASE WATCH YOUR LOCAL NEWS FOR INFORMATION IN THE MORNING. We will always open at 8:00 am (unless we need to close – see below). However, we ask that you be patient and understanding if we are running late due to road conditions. Please realize that safety is our first concern. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Feild Trips and Special Programs


Field trips & special programs are an integral part of our experiential learning process. Notes will be posted or sent home, so please look on the bulletin boards and check cubbies so you can stay informed as to dates and times. Volunteers are welcome!





For the well-being of all children and teachers, please keep ill children at home. We are particular about hand washing before and after meals, toileting/diapering, outside play, and other activities. Our facility is cleaned daily and we have a sanitizing service for our restrooms. We do quarterly deep cleaning and sanitizing also. If a child has any symptoms of illness, he or she will be isolated from other children. Parents are required to pick up the child within one hour. A child will be permitted to return to the facility the same day with a doctors’ note, or 24 hours after the symptoms have ceased. Children with a need for antibiotics must have medication for 24 hours before returning. Please call when your child is going to be absent, either due to illness or vacation. Also, notify Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning if your child has had possible exposure to a communicable disease (pink eye, measles, etc.). We are required to provide this information to the CDC. We will not provide medicines during camp hours. Please complete a Parent Medication Authorization Form at the front desk.





Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning provides morning (8:00 am) and afternoon snacks for children within our special program. Snack menus are posted monthly. Parents are also welcome to send special snacks to our facility. We are currently transitioning to a gluten free diet. Please help us maintain our transition by reviewing and preparing gluten free snacks. Children may choose something from their lunch during snack time provided it is unopened and has been stored properly with an ice pack. WE WILL NOT SERVE PREVIOUSLY SERVED OR IMPROPERLY STORED FOOD. Please check with your child’s teacher. Please place an ice pack in your child’s insulated lunch box to help keep foods fresh until lunch time. Please send a well-balanced meal and refrain from including sugary foods and candy. Soda is not allowed at our facility, but we do encourage juice, water, or milk.



Nut Free Under Three


We follow the Pediatric Associations recommendations in order to help prevent nut allergies. No nut products are allowed.



Supplies and Clothing


All Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning participants are required to have a labeled lunchbox/bookbags and a complete change of seasonal clothing in a labeled zip-lock bag (accidents and weather changes do occur). Diapers and wipes must also be provided if applicable. Many children need the security of a stuffed animal or blanket from home, therefore these types of “toys” will be allowed at camp. Please leave all other toys at home. The facility will make every effort to safeguard personal belongings brought by the child, but cannot be responsible for lost or broken items.



Lizzy E's School for Exceptional Learning will be closed in celebration of the following holidays:


  • New Year’s Day

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Presidents Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Day After Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Day


**Two weeks written notification of a child’s withdrawal is required. Please use the appropriate form to ensure correct billing changes. Payment is required during this time period.


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